The New York Times goes “skimming”


the fine art of skimming is being tested by the New York Times online: This makes the newspaper look a lot more like its iPad app or Times Reader, which is available by subscription online. although you can customize the newspaper’s appearance, i prefer this open layout .

i have been a Times Reader subscriber for years, much more preferring it than the web site, which looks pretty much like the newspaper (although it offers far more story headlines). when i got my iPad, i began reading the Times from my iPad app. my husband commented that i am now reading more news than ever, and he’s probably right. this new layout allows readers to quickly skim through many articles before making a decision to access more information, whether text or images. i like it a lot, and will be using this “trial” or beta version of the Times while they work out the kinks. i recommend it to you.

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