How Local News is Going Mobile, Illustrated – TNW Media


Absolutely. As far as I am concerned, my iPad (#1) is my reading platform, for fiction, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, email, and anything else i’m sent digitally. It’s been years since i read the New York Times on paper, but i read it two or three times a day on my iPad. My university has made email its official mode of communication within the bureaucracy. Whereas I once annually distributed several thousands of dollars worth of photocopies to my students, all class documents are on Blackboard or go to them via email. My students send their assignments to me via Blackboard or email, and I edit their work with multiple colors (each assigned a purpose). I give them more written feedback than ever — my editing of their work and commenting on their ideas is teaching, not grading. I occasionally make some of their words or sentences grey, only to replace them with my rewording in pink (almost always with far fewer words). I can grade on my iPad. I can write on my iPad. I can prepare slides on my iPad. If it involves text or images, I probably prefer to see it on my iPad. So it’s not just local news that’s gone iPad — I’ve gone iPad.

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