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Brain Scan Offers First Biological Test in Diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Scientific American


if you’ve been the victim of a violent crime or served your country on a battlefield, you may suffer from what has been determined previously to be a psychological problem — post-traumatic stress disorder. months or years later, flashbacks bring on panic attacks. now there is evidence that the psychological may be biological: ptsd patients can be identified with a brain scan. this revelation has followed many like it in recent years. your mental health is related, even determined by your physiological health. body and brain are connected. amazing stuff, i know, but many health insurance plans still do not financially support the treatment of depression as well as they do treating the common cold, which of course has no cure. depression, on the other hand, can be managed with medication in much the same way that diabetes is. now the notion that generalized anxiety disorder is “all in your head” may no longer be considered a stigma of mental stability and inadequacy. some of us are tall and some are small. some of us are genetically, biologically given a predisposition to musical genius and others to madness. although we may applaud the former and cringe from the latter, neither attribute is imagined.