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Cold Man in the Kremlin

Cold Man in the Kremlin – NYTimes.com.

i was born in 1950, and so I have lived through many wars.  As a child of the 1960s, the Vietnam war made a big impression on me.  I was too young to understand the Cold War until college, when political science classes opened me to world politics.  When Vladimir Putin was first named president of Russia, I joked that the former KGB officer wanted to become the next tsar.  How prescient I was.  Putin’s small stature, as with many short leaders, has helped him dream of gigantic goals–in his case the reunion of the countries under former Soviet control.  i may be underestimating his real motivation.  Why not all of Europe?  so will there be a world war 3?  With Iran as Russia’s protege?  So what is Obama’s will?  Does Congress regret smashing our military capabilities?  As Russia uses lots of boots on the ground and we use drones, the advantage may be with overwhelming soldiers, the grandchildren of Russia’s old army.  Do they have the will to die not for their country, but instead for Tsar Putin the First and his corrupt government?  I am not ready for another war, but Putin is.

Fracking – ProPublica

Watch this terrific video.  Fracking is going on in my neighborhood, and I don’t like it!


via Fracking – ProPublica.

Organizing for America


Please vote in the upcoming election. Your voice should be heard, and we know from recent experiences that a couple of votes can make the difference between winning and losing.

Media coverage of the election has been as unobjective and biased as anything i can remember in by 60 years. i would totally ignore television news if you can. find a good newspaper or magazine to get information. i read the nytimes.com most days, and find that it is willing to call candidates liars when that’s what they are. i like that kind of honesty.

Check out the web site for “organizing for america.” when you go to this web site, they will of course ask you for money to support the democrats running for election. i gave them a little, but you don’t have to. it might be enough if you could personally encourage everyone you know to vote — to actually get in the car and drive to the polling place.

voter turnout in non-presidential election years is abysmal — even worse than voter turnout in presidential years, if you can believe it. when few people are voting, every vote has a bigger effect!

Get out and vote. Nag everyone you know to vote!

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Society and Science: When Research Findings Impinge on Politics: Scientific American


this editorial from Scientific American reflects my views about the nexus of science and politics. shouldn’t political decisions be made with the best information available?