hi, yesterday i decided to do some weeding in the flower beds in front of my house.  i did almost no weeding all summer — it’s my least favorite chore — and so i knew it would be a huge job.  i didn’t expect to finish it in the one day.

i did finish one large bed, to my amazement.  it looks wonderful.  and so i started on a smaller bed, thinking that when i finished i would quit for the day and take a nap.  i was about half finished when i felt something sharp inside my left jeans leg.  it surprised me, but i continued weeding.  then i pulled up one really big weed and out came a swarm of what i thought were bees.  one got inside of my glasses immediately and stung me very close to the inside of my right eye.

i jumped up and screamed.  by then, the bees were stinging my arms and neck, going inside of my clothes.  i ran around in a few small circles patting myself and trying to wave them off.  in retrospect, i must have looked like some idiot in a bad comedy film.  but i soon realized that they were following me and that it would be prudent to go into the house.

i ran into the garage and hit the button to close the big door and was inside of the house as quickly as possible.  i ran upstairs and shouted to my son jack “i’ve been attacked by a swarm of bees!!!! help!!!”  jack had been stung once a couple of weeks earlier, and i knew he would be sympathetic.

but jack took one look at me and shouted “they’re still flying around your head.  run into the bathroom and close the door!”  which i did quickly.  but a couple of bees followed me into the bathroom and stung me more.  i got my shirt and pants off and even more bees fell out onto the floor.  i smashed them with enthusiasm.  i looked into the mirror and saw the bumps raising up everywhere, but especially near my eye.

it hurt more than anything i’ve experienced in a long time, shortly developing into an intense headache.  i think there was swelling inside the sinus cavity just below my eye.  i rinsed off the dirt and grabbed an antihistamine pill and some cream for allergic reactions.  then i took some asthma medicine in case i had a bad allergic reaction.  i’ve been stung by just about everything in my lifetime, but nothing like this.

i was stung about 20 times over most of my body.  it was a rough night.  i felt better this morning but still was quite tired and so didn’t accomplish very much. as a result, i will be getting the revised proposals back to com605 research teams on sunday or monday.

this morning i went to a local garden center and found out that the bees were in fact ground hornets — the woman there told me that another customer had come in the day before after being attacked by a swarm of ground hornets.  i bought some powerful hornet killer and plan on nuking them tomorrow morning when it is cold and they are sluggish.

i may never weed any flower beds again!  

best, pam

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