the perils of success

this week Apple is making a not-so-secret announcement, generally understood to be the company’s entry into the small (not tiny, that’s the iPhone & iTouch) computer market. Apple has changed my life so many times now — the Mac, iPod, iPhone — that i wonder whether another such lifestyle-shattering experience is possible. i love my Kindle, but wouldn’t be reading be more satisfying on a color screen? i’m considering dropping my cable tv subscription for computer-based entertainment, and wouldn’t an Apple tablet make a fine entertainment enhancer? i’ve shunned my alarm clock, even my clock-radio, for waking up to my iPhone or Mac alarm or music, but can’t i imagine a sleeker, smoother entry into the day? and aren’t there things i need that i don’t know i need yet? Apple will tell me. and soon.

1 thought on “the perils of success

  1. For "computer-based entertainment," I highly recommend checking out Boxee. It’s a free software program that harvests streaming video and music from popular sites around the Web and presents it in a way that effectively lets you channel surf. It’s almost like having TiVo, but free and without paying for cable. An added plus is that it’s social and lets you share your favorite programs and music with friends. Thanks to the Web, and now Boxee, I haven’t had cable for several years now and haven’t felt like I missed much.

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