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Women and war

The silence and whispering is being replaced by media coverage of the damage done to women reporters in war zones and other highly dangerous environments. Sexual attacks are not new but public discussion of them is. Will media employers be “kind” to women reporters and give them easier assignments? That would acknowledge and reinforce the attacks. That would insult all women reporters who, like the men they serve with, run toward danger so that the rest of us can read/view about it safely. Rape and lesser sexual attacks are not about sex. They are about power and intimidation, strategies in war that take many forms. Not many men or women can run toward danger, but we need to thank those who do. We should never criticize the heroism of those who suffer many insults and injuries to send information to us who are weaker.

Sex and violence linked in the brain

Sex and violence linked in the brain

Nature News,Published online: 09 February 2011; | doi:10.1038/news.2011.82


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